The effect that the crowd has on a performer has been a unique phenomenon throughout human history. With all forms of performance, adding a crowd into the picture creates a completely different mindset in a performer. Everything from the sounds of all those spectators, to the very sight of the masses paying attention to an artist, will drastically affect their performance and demeanor. The magic is shared mutually, however, as the individual fan is himself greatly affected by participation in the crowd and the sheer power of it. The force which engulfs all those present is what ultimately makes a good concert unforgettable, primarily to the performance itself.
Communicating and Exchanging the Vibes
Seeing your favorite artist live, as opposed to listening to a studio recording, is an opportunity to experience them communicating with you on a whole new level. Most artists will draw energy from their audience, as well as boost up their performance with each surge of enthusiasm they feel from the fans. Corresponding to the vibes of a fired up crowd will move the show in a very passionate effort which often shapes every performance into a unique and special experience that can rarely be duplicated and redone. With a multitude of factors involved, every show has the potential to truly be one of a kind.
Spontaneous Reshaping of Your Favorites
Depending on the emotional state of the performers, the overall mood of the crowd and many other factors, artists will often experiment with their work. Taking different approaches to different songs, they might add more instrumentals, directly engage themselves with the audience by letting them in on the performance, or otherwise modify the songs. This breathes new life into each piece, enriches the music, and will present your favorite songs in a light much different to that of a studio recording. Although live performances make way for a higher probability of mistakes and glitches, even these can be cleverly incorporated into the show through improvisation.
Getting the Full Picture
By affording the artists as much freedom of expression, live performances have a way of encompassing their whole identity and all that which the artist is really about. The role of the audience is just as crucial as the show itself, for you are the only reason a real artist is there in the first place. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, every true fan should go out of their way to seize it and play their part in the music. Just as a concert is your glimpse into the real people behind your favorite music, so is it their glimpse into the people who made their success possible – you.

Experiencing Your Favorite Musicians, Live